she left the security of her
9-5 job behind to pursue modeling full-time...

Not content with the trappings of life’s status quo,

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There she discovered the means to create scenes that were dynamic and captivating, though the experiences were lacking. She hungered for more depth: a richness of experience that could only be found while fully engaged in the outdoors. So began her transition into the adventure lifestyle space.

Despite signing with Seattle’s top agency and shooting campaigns for Fortune-500 companies and boutiques alike, 

Priya’s longing led to wild places within which she could shoot—yielding a unique juxtaposition of beauty and grace contrasted by rugged open spaces. 

her heart begged for something more.

I met my husband through Instagram. Galivanting the world with this stranger, who soon became my best friend then became the best part of me. Now we travel the world together, both international and van life-ing, creating content for both clients and ourselves while experiencing new things together. 
He was born in Indonesia, grew up in different parts of Southeast Asia until eventually his family settled down in Indiana.

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