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When it comes to travel, your luggage should be an extension of your personality. Gone are the days of boring, generic suitcases. With Roam Luggage, you can explore the world in style and with ethical customization. Roam offers fully customizable luggage, allowing you to personalize everything from the colors on the outside to the compartments on the inside. This blog post will dive into the exciting world of Roam Luggage, highlighting how their innovative approach to customization allows you to create a suitcase that genuinely reflects your unique style and personality. Get ready to travel in style with Roam Luggage!

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Introduction to ROAM Luggage

What is ROAM Luggage?

ROAM Luggage is a unique brand that makes travel cases or suitcases. What’s cool about them is that they let you design your luggage. You can choose the color you want for the outside, the zipper, the wheels, and the inside. It’s not just about picking colors; you can also choose different materials and designs to make it personal.

When you use ROAM, your suitcase becomes a reflection of your style. If you like bright, fun colors, then you can match your suitcase to that. Or if you prefer something more classic, you can go for that too.

ROAM doesn’t just focus on looks; they care about quality too. They make their suitcases from solid and lightweight materials to ensure that they last a long time and are easy to carry around.

So, ROAM Luggage is about making sure your suitcase is unique to you and can handle all the fun adventures you take it on!

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Why Choose ROAM Luggage?

Selecting the right luggage is a vital part of the travel experience. ROAM Luggage stands out as an exceptional choice for multiple reasons.

Firstly, ROAM is about embracing individuality. Ever stood at a luggage carousel and struggled to distinguish your suitcase from a sea of similar-looking bags? With ROAM, that’s a worry of the past. Their highly customizable suitcases make it easy for you to spot your bag among the crowd. More importantly, the customization allows you to imbed your personality into your suitcase. Whether you’re vibrant and daring, preferring bold, colorful designs, or a minimalist at heart, cherishing simplicity and calmness, your bag can perfectly reflect your style.

Secondly, ROAM focuses on quality and durability. Travel can be demanding on luggage, but with ROAM’s superior construction and materials, your suitcase is built to last. Each piece is meticulously crafted with robust, lightweight, components, ensuring it withstands the rigors of travel while providing you with effortless maneuverability.

Lastly, ROAM delivers unparalleled customer service. Their team ensures you have a seamless shopping and ownership experience. They offer assistance with customization, and maintaining your luggage, and are happy to address any issues you may run into.

So, choosing ROAM isn’t just about selecting a suitcase but also about elevating your travel experience. ROAM allows you to make a statement, embodying your individuality and taste in every journey you embark on.

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Benefits of Personalizing ROAM Luggage

Exemplifies Your Style

When you travel, your luggage does more than hold your belongings – it’s an extension of your personality and reflects your style. With ROAM Luggage, you can design a suitcase that aligns perfectly with your unique style. Whether you lean toward the understated elegance of neutral colors or prefer the excitement of vibrant, eye-catching hues, ROAM provides an extensive palette for you to choose from.

Customization isn’t about just the exterior color, you can also select the color and material of the handles, wheels, and zipper, as well as the interior lining, thus allowing your style to shine through in every detail. Imagine walking into an airport, confidently wheeling a suitcase that is a pure reflection of your taste and aesthetic – that’s the experience ROAM offers. ROAM lets your style take center stage in a sea of generic, mass-produced luggage.

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It Makes for Easy Identification

Who hasn’t had that moment of uncertainty at the baggage carousel, wondering which black suitcase is theirs among a sea of similar-looking bags? With a personalized ROAM suitcase, you’ll never have that problem. ROAM’s customization options allow your suitcase to stand out, making it easy to spot on the luggage carousel.

You can customize your suitcase with bold colors, contrasting stitching, and unique combinations of handles, wheels, and zipper colors that stand out, thus reducing the time you spend at baggage claim and making your travel experience that much smoother. Moreover, ROAM offers monogramming services, adding yet another level of identification. In essence, ROAM reduces the stress of locating your luggage, allowing you to focus on the joy of travel.

Guarantees Uniqueness

With a customized ROAM suitcase, you have a travel accessory that is uniquely yours. Make your travel gear a conversation starter!

9 Ways to Personalize Your ROAM Luggage

With a customized ROAM suitcase, you have a truly one-of-a-kind travel accessory. When you customize your ROAM suitcase, you’re not just creating a bag but crafting your story.

Each color, each material choice, and each detail you select is a chapter in that story, making your suitcase a unique reflection of your journey and experiences. Your travel gear becomes a conversation starter, sparking curiosity and engagement wherever you go. Whether it’s the bold color choice, the contrasting stitching, or the monogram that caught someone’s eye, your ROAM suitcase allows you to connect with others. So with ROAM, you’re not just traveling; you’re sharing a piece of your world with others.

Custom Colors

Choose from various shell colors to match your taste, from bold hues to timeless neutrals. ROAM lets you pick two different colors for each side of the luggage.

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Monogramming Service

Give your luggage a sophisticated touch with ROAM’s monogramming service. Add your initials or name to your suitcase.

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Luggage size

Don’t forget to select if you want the luggage in a standard size or if you prefer an expandable version.

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Colorful Zipper Options

Choose a zipper color that complements or contrasts your suitcase for a stylish twist.

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Colored Wheel Hubs

Why have dull wheels when they can match your luggage? Choose from a range of colored wheel hubs.

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Custom Stitching

You can even choose the color of the stitching on your ROAM suitcase. It’s all about the details!

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Designer Luggage Handles

Choose the color of your luggage handle. Functionality meets style with ROAM.

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Custom trim

Add an extra flare layer to your suitcase with a different color trim.

Custom Interior Lining

Why stop at the exterior? ROAM lets you customize your suitcase’s interior lining for a completely personalized experience.


The concept of travel is synonymous with self-discovery and personal expression. With ROAM Luggage, this philosophy is elegantly captured and brought to life. Personalizing your ROAM luggage can genuinely revolutionize the way you travel.

The uniqueness of a ROAM suitcase goes beyond mere aesthetics. Yes, it allows you to express your individuality in a sea of generic bags, but its benefits extend well beyond that. A customized ROAM suitcase is not just about standing out; it’s about reveling in the freedom of showcasing who you are to the world.

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Moreover, with a ROAM suitcase, the often stressful scenario of locating your luggage on a carousel is transformed into a simple, hassle-free experience. Your suitcase isn’t lost in the crowd – it leads the pack with its distinctive design.

The enjoyment of travel isn’t just about the destination but also the journey; with ROAM, this journey becomes even more pleasant. Your suitcase isn’t just a vessel for your belongings; it becomes an active participant in your adventures, reflecting your personality and accompanying you as a trusted travel partner.

Experience the unparalleled joy of traversing the globe with luggage that’s more than just a suitcase; it’s an extension of you. Express your unique style, stand out, and enhance your travel experiences – the ROAM way. Enjoy the journey, embrace the adventure, and make every travel moment count with ROAM Luggage.


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