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Truck Lover’s Wishlist: Top 2023 Holiday Gifts for Off-Roading Adventures

The holidays are almost here, and it’s time to start thinking about gifts for the truck lover in your life. Whether they enjoy weekend trips into the backcountry or compete in intense off-road competitions, we have the perfect gift ideas to make their off-roading adventures even better. RealTruck.com has big holiday sales, making now the perfect time to shop.

From practical accessories to fun decor items, these 12 gifts are sure to bring some extra horsepower to their holidays!

Roof Rack

Maximize cargo options and storage with a roof rack from Go Rhino. Perfect for carrying gear that won’t fit inside, like kayaks, cargo boxes, and camping equipment. Kits are application-specific, with attachments for accessories like bike racks and cargo nets. The sky is the limit!

  • Pros: Expands cargo capacity, custom kits for each truck, holds sports gear. 
  • Cons: Loading requires a ladder.
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Retrax Pro XR Tonneau Cover

Gain lockable and weatherproof security with this retractable tonneau cover from Retrax. Made from industrial-grade polycarbonate, this cover securely encloses the entire bed while opening and closing smoothly on aluminum rails. The patented, low-profile design offers less wind drag and noise than bulkier covers. It provides bed protection while retaining complete bed access. Drainage channels divert water away. Fits various bed sizes.

  • Pros: Locks bed, weatherproof, retracts for full access, durable construction. Compatible with most T-slot accessories from Rhino Rack, Yakima, Thule, and many more.
  • Cons: Premium price and higher profile than a roll-up cover.
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Bonus: RealTruck also just launched the Retrax EQ, which uses built-in Bluetooth technology so you can control your bed cover with ease using the Retrax App, your vehicle’s key fob, or an optional touchpad.

Roof Top Tent

Elevate their camping experience figuratively and literally with a rooftop tent! Models like this Thule unit transform a truck into an instant mobile dwelling. It provides sleeping quarters off the ground, protected from the elements. Tents assemble/disassemble within minutes for whenever adventure calls. The truck bed remains free for storage. The ultimate camping convenience!

  • Pros: Upgrades camping comfort, sets up quickly, truck bed free for storage. 
  • Cons: Added height clearance needed.
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Protect that pricey truck bed from abrasions, dents, and rust by installing a bedliner. Durable polyurea coatings like the Al’s Liner completely cover the bed for maximum coverage. Its textured, non-slip surface keeps cargo from sliding around. A bedliner should be one of the first upgrades installed in any new truck.

  • Pros: Full bed protection, textured non-slip coating, professional spray-in install.
  • Cons: Overkill for light-duty use, limits bed space, unlike drop-in liners.

ARE’s Rival 50″ LED Light Bar

Serious night runners and rock crawlers need maximum illumination to find their way through dark terrain. The Rival 50 utilizes a double-row design with 96 total LEDs to radiate a balanced flood/spot beam pattern that reaches far down trails. It combines spot and flood optics for both long-range and wide coverage.

  • Pros: Whopping 18,000 lumens, balanced flood/spot pattern, durable aluminum housing
  • Cons: Heavy on the wallet, requires electrical wiring knowledge.
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Husky Floor Liners

Protect those pricey truck carpets from water, mud, snow, and grime with custom-fit floor mats. Husky Liners mold perfectly to every contour of the footwells and feature raised edges that contain spills. The aggressive tread pattern removes and traps the mess that factory mats miss. Help keep the carpeting looking new year after year.

  • Pros: Custom fit, raised edges contain spills, trap dirt and moisture 
  • Cons: Cost more than generic mats, collected debris must be cleaned
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Cargo Glide Truck Bed Sliding Tray

Make accessing gear and supplies in the truck bed effortless with this heavy-duty sliding tray. It extends up to 18 inches to deliver cargo to your fingertips. Slide out the tray to access everything packed on top without crawling into the truck bed. It holds up to 400 pounds of distributed weight and installs securely without drilling. This gift will make their truck bed the most user-friendly around.

  • Pros: Slides out for easy access, no drilling installation, holds 400 lbs
  • Cons: Reduces usable truck bed depth and can accumulate dirt and moisture.

BedRug Bed Liner

Pamper their truck bed with this cushy BedRug bed liner that looks and feels like carpet. The custom-fit mat installs easily and prevents cargo shifting and damage to the bed. Its thick padding provides a more comfortable kneeling surface for access. Made from durable polypropylene, this bed mat won’t absorb water or mildew like ordinary carpet. The plush ride is sure to cozy whatever cargo is back there.

  • Pros: Padded “carpet” comfort, prevents cargo shifting, custom fits bed. Easily cleaned with just water
  • Cons: Costs more than vinyl mats.
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Dee Zee Storage Box

Add lockable storage space to their truck with this in-bed utility box from Dee Zee. Constructed from aluminum and composite, it features a weatherproof seal to keep contents dry. The gas pressure struts make opening and closing the lid smooth and easy. It mounts unobtrusively to the front of the bed with minimal drilling for a factory look. Any truck owner will appreciate the added secure storage.

  • Pros: Lockable and weatherproof, easy opening struts, aluminum/composite construction
  • Cons: Reduces bed space, difficult to remove completely.

Undercover SwingCase

The Undercover SwingCase is a versatile truck bed toolbox designed to enhance your off-roading experience. It offers convenient and secure storage for your tools, equipment, and essentials, ensuring they’re always within reach.

  • Pros: Easy Accessibility, Weather-Resistant, No-Drill Installation and Versatile Use. 
  • Cons: Reduction in Bed Space, Single-Side Access

AMP PowerSteps

Make entering and exiting their tall truck or SUV easier for all ages with these automatically powered running side steps. Amp Research PowerSteps extend when doors open and tuck safely away when closed. The electric motors drive rugged die-cast steps that are able to hold heavy weights. Custom-fit application-specific mounting brackets ensure a perfect installation. Moving gracefully in sync with the doors, these steps will be appreciated every time the driver and passenger climb in.

  • Pros: Automatically extends/retracts, holds 300 lbs, custom fitted 
  • Cons: Installation cost, motorized system prone to damage
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AMP Bed Extender

Let them haul oversized gear with this bed extender that expands usable truck bed length by 4 feet. The aluminum tubing frame attaches securely to the tailgate. Foam pads prevent cargo damage while extending it over the bumper when needed. It can also be configured as a configurable cargo cage. It’s the easy way to transport kayaks, ladders, pipes, and other long items the bed alone can’t hold.

  • Pros: Expand bed length, foam pads protect cargo, adjustable configurations
  • Cons: Can obstruct rear view, offers less support than a trailer
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Photo Credit: Real Truck

Truck Bed Tent

This truck bed tent from Napier transforms a truck bed into a comfortable sleep and camping shelter. The tapered design maximizes headroom while protecting from rain, wind, and bugs. The floor is sewn into the tent; no separate pad is needed. Set up only takes minutes for impromptu roadside camping. It makes any truck the ultimate off-road getaway vehicle. Who needs a hotel when you can camp in a luxury truck?

  • Pros: Turns truck bed into shelter, fully enclosed, sets up fast 
  • Cons: Must sacrifice truck bed usage, doesn’t work with tonneau covers

Molle Truck Bed Panel System

Unleash their truck’s storage potential with this MOLLE panel system for the bed walls. The 4-piece modular panels attach using the Molle grid, allowing endless mounting options for a custom setup. Accessories like mounts, bags, nets, and straps attach securely wherever needed. Durable 1000D nylon construction handles abuse while organizing the cargo area. It’s like built-in shelves for the truck bed!

  • Pros: Modular storage options, custom mounting configurations, durable nylon 
  • Cons: Accessories are sold separately, and it is difficult to remove panels fully.

With this wide selection of top-rated accessories, finding the perfect gift for the truck owner in your life will be easy. There are options for any budget, from major upgrades like tonneau covers and roof racks to handy organization tools. RealTruck will have plenty on their wishlist at discounted prices for the holidays. Just imagine the smile on their face as they unwrap shiny new gear to outfit their trusty truck for next season’s adventures. Rev up your holiday shopping and make all their off-road dreams come true!

Truck Lover’s Wishlist: Top 2023 Holiday Gifts for Off-Roading Adventures

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