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Frequently Asked Questions About Van Life

Q. How do you shower?

One of three ways:

  1. We use a 4-gallon road shower that I have on top of the van. It is solar heated and works in a pinch.
  2. We stay at campgrounds that have hot showers.
  3. We also have a gym membership. So every day, we work out in the morning and grab a shower.

Q. Where do you poop?

I have a small toilet in the van that I use at night. Most of the time, we try to pee/poo at gas stations or campgrounds.

Q. I want to buy a van, but I’m unsure if it’s for me. Is there a van I can rent out there?

Want to try van life but not ready to commit to getting one yourself? Regardless of what you are looking for, whether it’s trying it out for a weekend or looking for something long-term, I strongly suggest that you rent one out first. I wish I had tried one out before I took the build on myself. It’s a perfect way to get a taste of what van life can be like without any long-term commitments, and it’s also a great way to see what parts of the van works for you and how you can implement the ideas into your own build. I rent my van out on Outdoorsy. Create an account, browse the different vans and rent it out. It’s literally no more difficult than renting a car.

How does Outdoorsy work?

Outdoorsy is a great place where renters can find a van/camper for the perfect adventure, whether for the weekend, long term, or a one-way road trip. There are so many reasons why owners rent out their rigs. I travel a lot for work, so I rent my van out when I am not in town.

If you have ever booked a flight/hotel/car, you can find yourself a perfect van to adventure in. Visit Outdoorsy’s website and enter your trip location and the time frame of how long you want to adventure. The site then generates a list of rentals in the nearby areas available for your specifications. Once you find one to your liking, hit request, and your booking is now in review for approval. The owner could have set up this approval process in one of two ways:

  1. instant booking – Allows renters to reserve the rig immediately without reviewing a request.
  2. Review for booking – All bookings require a review and approval from the owner.

Why owners love Outdoorsy

#1 reason: INSURANCE. Their rental process is super user-friendly, leaving out the headaches and miscommunication.

#2 reason: Customer service. I cannot remember when I had questions and customer support wasn’t connected in less than a minute.

#3 reason: I know for a fact that every single renter has gone through a DMV check.

Other things to consider as an owner:

  • Endless discount codes.
  • Complete control over who gets to take the van out.

It is super nerve-racking to rent a van out. But with Outdoorsy, you are never alone in the process.

Q. how big is your van?

I have the RamPromaster 2500 159in Wheelbase High roof. It is 19ft long and about 9ft high. As a reference, my husband, who is 6’2″, can stand inside and still have 2″ above his head.

Q. Do you cook in the van?

I have a two gas burner stove in my kitchen, which helps me make the same meals as I do at home. Minus the cookies and cake. I cook a wide variety of meals, including Indian ones.

Q. If you could change anything in the van, what would it be?

I built the van when I was single and living with my parents. So a lot of things were built for a 5’4″ girl. however, when I married my husband, we made a TON of changes together. We extended the bed, we got a bigger fridge, and we added a workspace. I don’t ever see these changes ever being final.

Frequently Asked Questions About Van Life

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